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Parmz began out of the sheer will to create value and to own our time. To this day, that is what we believe in; making it better for everyone. The ability for you to solve another’s problem and equally enjoy the satisfaction to own your time while that is being done. At its core, Parmz is a company dedicated to helping people and organizations reach their optimum through technology-driven solutions. Parmz tentacles spread across diverse parts of technology. With two arms of encompassing its products and services.


Parmz is the mother company to Scribesbay, a full-fledged, safe and secure freelance platform for remote jobs. This platform is currently accessible and used by organizations and freelancers in more than 5 countries. We facilitate and support collaborations between organizations and skilled freelancers as they strive to build solid solutions to become future powerhouses, by providing them with a safe and secure platform.
Parmz Projects is the digital product arm dedicated to building cutting-edge software and design experiences for forward-thinking organizations. We’re young creatives driven by the synergy of problem-solving and technology.

The History

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Parmz launched the Scribesbay platform

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Parmz launched the Craftermall platform

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Parmz Digital Technologies was launched

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We build real value!

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Lekki Peninsula Schools

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Creating Digital Solutions.

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